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What is a health and safety file?

The Health and Safety File is :

  • A legal requirement of the CDM Regulations 2007.
  • A record of health and safety information for construction projects
  • Designed to identify key health and safety risks which may be encountered on site
  • It can also contain relevant operating and maintenance manuals, record drawings, and building log book.
  • It must be kept up to date for the life of the building.

Who is responsible for the Health and safety file?

The Principal Contractor (CDM Co-ordinator) is responsible for ensuring that the Health and Safety File is prepared. Designers, Contractors and other parties each provide relevant documentation.

The client shall ensure that the CDM co-ordinator is provided with all the health and safety information in the client's possession (or which is reasonably obtainable).

The CDM co-ordinator shall check the contractor's information as supplied and help to compile the file.

On completion of the construction project the completed file is handed over to the Client.

The client shall take reasonable steps to ensure that after the construction phase the information in the health and safety file :

  • Is kept available for inspection by any person who may need it to comply with the relevant statutory provisions.
  • Is revised as often as may be appropriate to incorporate any relevant new information.

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